HASound Post Newshttps://hasound.com/rssMSLR minor updatehttps://hasound.com#11Version 2.1.4 of the HASound MSLR MS audio processor plugin released. What's new in this version: Fixed the GUI rendering error Read more about MSLR on the product page.Sat, 20 Jun 202011 at https://hasound.com#IWD2020https://hasound.com#10Happy International women's day! Sun, 8 Mar 202010 at https://hasound.comRoyalty-free SFXhttps://hasound.com#9Good news! Now my various sound effects are available on AudioSparx. Please buy them ;) Wed, 26 Feb 20209 at https://hasound.comMSLR minor updatehttps://hasound.com#8Version 2.1.1 of the HASound MSLR MS audio processor plugin released. What's new in this version: Installation wizard (you no longer need to copy any files manually) VST3 64-bit version only Reordering parameters of the plugin (may be incompatible with your old projects) Fixed minor bugs Read more about MSLR on the product page.Fri, 21 Feb 20208 at https://hasound.comMother's Day Salehttps://hasound.com#7 When mom's happy, everybody's happy. It's time to think about what will delight your mom! 50% off "Big Apple" plugin.Fri, 10 May 20197 at https://hasound.com"Eullenia" will premiere at the BIFANhttps://hasound.com#6"Eullenia" directed by Paul Spurrier has been selected for BIFAN 2018 (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival). We congratulate a film crew on a big achievement. All Foley sound effects for this film were recorded in our studio.Fri, 8 Jun 20186 at https://hasound.comOur indie filmmakers support programhttps://hasound.com#5If you are an indie filmmaker you can record Foley sound effects in our studio for the special price. Read more...Fri, 1 Jun 20185 at https://hasound.comBig Apple v1.1 Releasedhttps://hasound.com#4Today we present our new product. This is a dynamic range compressor, named "Big Apple". This audio processor was designed especially for work in parallel compression mode without the need for any additional routing inside your DAW. Read more about Big Apple on the product page.Thu, 3 May 20184 at https://hasound.comNeed you Foley? We are glad to do them for you!https://hasound.com#3HASound Post provides complete foley services for all types of productions: feature films, TV shows and series, animation, documentaries and video games. Read more information here. You can download the dry (without ambience and reverb) unmixed OMF for this demo project here:Sun, 22 Apr 20183 at https://hasound.comMSLR plugin updatedhttps://hasound.com#2Version of HASound MSLR MS audio processor plugin released. What's new in this version: New DSP engine VST3 and 64-bit versions New GUI Read more about MSLR on the product page.Sun, 22 Apr 20182 at https://hasound.com