Online Foley Outsourcing Services

HASound Post provides complete foley services for all types of productions: feature films, TV shows, and series, animation, documentaries, and video games. We provide comprehensive Foley tracks suitable for use in foreign language versions (the best choice for M&E tracks). All of our sound effects are custom recorded.

HASound has the own custom-built Foley studio with every possible sound effect imaginable on hand to meet all your Foley. The studio equipped with extensive pits, surfaces, and props.



The final work will be delivered as numerous OMF or WAV files (same length as the video file). On your choice.


Materials needed for the foley session:


Session Notes

Session Setup Information


We have a flexible pricing policy. Most of our projects are television series. Therefore we estimate by a single episode.

One typical dramas episode produced for hour-long time slots (typically are 39 to 42 minutes in length) - 1100 USD
This work takes 4 days per episode.

One typical sitcoms episode produced for 30-minute time slots (typically are 18 to 21 minutes in length) - 600 USD
This work takes 2 days per episode.

One-time job or a feature film - 40 USD PFM (per finished minute, typically are 10 finished minutes per day)

The final price may rise or go down after watching the movie.


To start to work with us you need to make a few simple steps.

STEP 1: Please, upload your video files to DropBox, Google Drive, your own FTP server, or any file sharing service you like (e.g. Wetransfer) and email a link with all necessary additional information to

STEP 2: We spend 1-2 days downloading, watching the movie, and preparing the studio. Then we start to work. When we're finished we'll send you a link for downloading Foley.

STEP 3: You pay for work by wire transfer (the invoice will be issued) or using a credit/debit card (or PayPal in selected countries) via 2CheckOut. Please read more information here.

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