>>> Online Foley outsourcing from HASound <<<

Online Foley Outsourcing from HASound

HASound offers you to use our Foley recording service. Foley sound effects are recorded on professional recording studio of our partner in Kiev, Ukraine. Transferring the content is made through the Internet. The payment is done through the Internet too.

We can record 10 minutes of Foley sound track for a day. The cost of 1 day is $200.

For example:
There is movie that duration is 80 minutes. We can do this work for 8 days. The price will be $1600.

Please, view our Foley showreel:

Recording is produced in the specially equipped Foley studio. During recording session we are using these equipment: RODE NT1000 ultra low noise microphone, Focusrite ISA 430 mkII channel strip, RME Fireface 800 audio interface, Nuendo 4 DAW. You can get the final result of work as Nuendo project, Pro Tools session, OMF or AAF files, numerous of WAV or AIFF files (single WAV file for each track the same length as the video file). On your choice.


For start to work you need to make a few simple steps.

STEP 1 : Upload your video file to Youtube or Vimeo. The quality of video file must be 720p or better. Burned-in timecode is needed too. Please, place it in a upper-left or upper-right corner of the frame.

STEP 2 : You have to write a letter to sergey@trecords.com.ua that contains a link to the video file. Also you have to specify your frame rate, required sample rate, bit resolution and final audio format (Nuendo, Pro Tools, OMF, AAF, etc). Please, attach a detailed cue sheet to the letter if you need a specific (non-obvious) Foley.

STEP 3 : We will begin to work. We spend one day for watching the movie and preparing the studio. We will send you an link to the file sharing server where you can download a Foley when the job is done. Also we will send you an active link for the payment of credit card via 2CheckOut.

Or we always can work via UpWork.

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