Ordering Information


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 14 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.

After you purchase (pay the license fee for) the product's end-user license you are given the right (license) to use that product, subject to the license agreement supplied with the product. You will be sent an email contained a personal link to download that product. All products are DRM-free and do not require product key entry. Normally, you will receive your download link immediately after making the payment. Your email address have to be valid. Also you can request product's download link directly on your personal account page.

We do not send out any tangible materials like CDs, DVDs, printed manuals or packages - all products are available as setup file downloads.

Software Products

We offer a free user support for the duration of a product's life cycle. Minor product version updates are free up to the next major version change. This means that, for example, after buying version 1.2 you will receive all further minor version updates (e.g. 1.3, 1.4, etc.) for free, but the next major version (2.0) if it becomes available must be upgraded for a specified upgrade fee (we are not going to charge you an additional fee for minor updates and bug fixes - only major updates may require an upgrade fee to be paid).

VERY IMPORTANT: Please download the demo version of the software product and test it thoroughly before purchasing its license to be sure it satisfies you: there is no sense in purchasing the software product if its demo does not satisfy you. Demo versions of the products do not have major functional limitations, and so, if demo version is working for you then the purchased version will work too (demo versions are only muting the output for a moment or inserting a beep every 30-60 seconds, no other limitations are imposed on demo versions).

About 2CheckOut Payment

HASound has an agreement with 2CheckOut.com, Inc. - a United States-based company. Technically 2CheckOut.com re-sells our products to our customers and then pays HASound for every product sold. That is why the order payment procedure leads you from the HASound web site to the 2CheckOut.com payment processing web page where you can perform secure credit card or PayPal payment. You can review your online purchase on the 2CO site.

A note to EU customers: 2CheckOut does not charge VAT tax to European Union customers.

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