Q: How do i register the product?
A: After you purchase (pay the license fee for) the product you will receive an email contained a personal link to download that product. Load and install the product. Registration completed!

Q: All products are really DRM-free?
A: Yes, all products are DRM-free.

Q: Do I need an active Internet connection to authorize products?
A: No, an active Internet connection is not required for authorization.

Q: I have switched computers and need to authorize product on the new computer. How do I do that and how do I get whatever authorization I need?
A: There is no difference between old and new computer authorization. You simply need to install the product on the new computer.

Q: Can I use a product on more than one computer?
A: Yes, you can install and use a HASound product on more than one computer as long as only a single person (you yourself or company's assigned employee) will be using it. HASound end-user licenses are "per user" licenses, not "per computer" like operating system licenses usually are.

Q: What kind of payment methods do you accept?
A: We are using 2CheckOut's re-seller services to sell HASound software. 2CheckOut accepts several payment methods: credit/debit cards and PayPal. Transactions are fully secure. You can also use credit/debit cards when paying via PayPal. You can find more information here.

Q: If I bought product version 1.x can I download v2.x?
A: No, it will be different products for you.

Q: Is the license transfer possible?
A: Yes, license transfer is only possible for a fee of $10 per product. Please contact us directly.

Q: How to install products without an installer?
A: Most of our products (mainly audio plugins) do not have an installer. You need extract files from an archive and copy them manually to the right location. You have to delete a previous or demo version of a plugin if it has been used.

The default plugin folder for most VST2 hosts:
Windows 32 bit: C:\Program Files\Vstplugins
Windows 64 bit (for 32 bit modules): C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstplugins
Windows 64 bit: C:\Program Files\Vstplugins
Mac OS X: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

The default plugin folder for most VST3 hosts:
Windows 32 bit: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
Windows 64 bit (for 32 bit modules): C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3
Windows 64 bit: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
Mac OS X: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3

The default Audio Units plugin folder for most Audio Units hosts:
Mac OS X: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/

Q: What is the "No GUI" build?
A: It is the same version of our plugin without graphical user interface. The host application has to generate the standard user interface. It is useful when you try to use the VST2 version of our plugins with old host applications and get the GUI error.

Q: What do I have to do if I still have questions?
A: Please contact us.

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