Mother's Day Sale May 10, 2019

When mom's happy, everybody's happy. It's time to think about what will delight your mom!

50% off "Big Apple" plugin.

Move with the times August 06, 2018

As you know, Steinberg ceases to support a VST 2 technology. Given that reality we decided it's time to move on and embrace the future that's already with us. So we stop supporting of VST 2, 32-bit and "no gui" versions of our plugins. We focus on 64-bit VST 3 plugins. Shortly we release updates to our plugins where all deprecated features will be removed.

Also we are planning to support other formats of audio plugins and their versions for Mac OS X in the future.

"Eullenia" will premiere at the BIFAN June 08, 2018

"Eullenia" directed by Paul Spurrier has been selected for BIFAN 2018 (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival). We congratulate a film crew on a big achievement.

All Foley sound effects for this film were recorded in our studio.

Our indie filmmakers support program June 01, 2018

If you are an indie filmmaker you can record Foley sound effects in our studio for the special price. Read more...

Big Apple v1.1 Released May 03, 2018

Today we present our new product. This is a dynamic range compressor, named "Big Apple".

This audio processor was designed especially for work in parallel compression mode without the need for any additional routing inside your DAW.

Read more about Big Apple on the product page.

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